A New Way to Stretch

“A year ago, I was scheduled for serious back surgery (rods, screws, etc.) However, a local massage therapist helped me realize that the root cause of my back pain was actually a very tight piriformis muscle that was pulling my spine out of position,” says Dee Alberty.

Dee went through intensive deep tissue therapy which helped resolve her pain and avoid surgery. However, she credits Fascial Stretch Therapy as the reason she has been able to maintain her progress.

     “Through a friend, I discovered Paul Kaklis. Paul’s painless Fascial Stretch Therapy, twice a month, is the key to maintaining the progress that my therapy team has accomplished over the last year,” she explains.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™) is pain free and helps improve mobility of your nerves and the flexibility of your muscles and fascia. Paul Kaklis, owner of PK Fitt and Fitt 365 in Baton Rouge, explains, “FST™ falls in line with training and stretching in a three-dimensional way. So many focus on the two-dimensional, but this concentrates on the different angles we move in.”

     FST™ focuses on the fascia, the area that “surrounds each muscle, connects them to each other, and also connects muscles to tendons, ligaments, and bone to form a body. The fascia connects to all of your organs and systems, too.”

     Paul explains that FST™ is a form of therapy that concentrates on creating joint space. He says, “It focuses on the connective tissue, joints, and the central nervous system and not the muscles and tendons, allowing for longer lasting, freer, and easier movements." 


FST™ can also help with:

▪ Reducing or eliminating pain

▪ Significantly reducing stress

▪ Helping you wake feeling rested and refreshed

▪ Improving posture, looking healthier, and feeling more confident

▪ Increasing mobility

▪ Improving training and increasing motivation

Mandy Castille wanted to feel stronger and have more flexibility and energy when she began FST™. She shares, “FST™ has given me relief from tension and relief from tight bands of connective tissue. It alleviates stress, not only on the body, but also mentally and through daily life activities. After a session, you feel unglued, relaxed, and calm. I can train now at a more advanced level. I’ve seen a significant change in my entire body.”

     Regardless of your age, FST™ could be just what you’re looking for to take your training to the next level or to help with pain management or even stress. Once you have approval from your physician, Paul will work with you to create a program that fits your individual needs.

     “The first visit is the initial assessment, where we will go over the case history. During the FST™ session, we find where the problem areas are. However, we are constantly assessing each person because, as people, we are constantly changing in our structure, our pain areas, and what may be causing tension,” he says. After you have been doing FST™, Paul will teach you corrective exercises to help compliment the therapy.

     Just as important, however, is the hands-on, customized approach that makes a visit at Fitt 365 so unique. When you’re there, everything you do has a way of building on each other. Paul says, “It’s a boutique-style fitness facility, where every service we offer compliments one another. There’s yoga, including hot yoga, with Yoga Rouge; personal training; massage therapy, and functional equipment you can use; and we are the first 24/7 gym to offer that. There are memberships available, but you don’t have to buy a membership to use the services. So many come here to try and get away from the big gyms.”

     Jacci Bickford was referred to Paul when she was looking to strengthen her back and alleviate her back issues she had been struggling with for years. Now, after FST™, she feels healthier than ever. 

     “I feel healthier. I can go for longer without having therapy on my back. FST™ is like stretching on steroids. You’re not just stretching by yourself. You’re getting a better stretch. FST™ helps you move better, and it relieves my back pain and helps my joints. Paul has a great wealth of knowledge, and he understands what is needed. He’s so professional, he cares for his clients, and he gives 110 percent. He wants to help you feel better,” she says.

     If you’re looking to move better, increase your activity, and reduce pain, FST™ is here to help you in all of those areas. “Paul is a professional with extensive knowledge. He focuses entirely on the needs of his clients. After just a few stability moves, he was able to craft a program just for me,” Mandy says. 


To learn what FST™ and PK Fitt can do for you, call (225) 218-4656 or (225) 326-8338.


Fitt 365

3482 Drusilla Lane, Suite H

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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01 Oct 2019

By Amanda Miller