Let's Make 50 Your Best Milestone

Remember when you thought turning 50 meant the beginning of the end? As entertainer Harry Connick Jr. says, “being 50 isn’t what it used to be.”  Today’s 50-year-old who makes an investment in her health can look forward to a long, quality-filled life. 

As part of their commitment to colon cancer awareness, Connick and his wife Jill are role models for what they call the “New 50,” a generation that makes health a priority.

“The New 50 is all about you,” Connick frequently states. “It’s about speaking up for yourself and taking charge of your health. It’s about talking to your healthcare provider about how to live a healthier life and learning screening options that may help prevent or minimize disease.”

 It’s easy to become a member of the New 50 group. If you’re approaching or have reached the 50-year milestone, start by scheduling a visit with your physician to discuss your individual healthcare needs, and don’t neglect to talk about your risk for colon cancer.

Many people think that colon cancer is tied to diet, lifestyle or a family history. That’s more of a misconception than the truth. 



 Your risk for colon cancer increases dramatically after the age of 50.

 Colon cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men and women combined.

 When diagnosed in its earliest stages, colon cancer is 90 percent treatable.

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01 Mar 2019