What do you mean, Towny? I eat nutritional food, take vitamins and other supplements, exercise, meditate, and get plenty of sleep.  Shouldn’t my nerves and brain be OK?  Well, you would think so, but new genetic science discoveries based on the full mapping of the genome tells us this is not necessarily the case, no matter how hard you try to live healthy.  You may have wondered why some people are prone to addiction, depression, anxiety and cognitive dysfunction and others are not.  What we are learning is that heredity or genetic makeup plays a big part in your nerve cell’s ability to produce and balance brain chemicals to maintain normal brain health and wellness.  

     And since the genome has now been completely mapped, science has identified the exact defective genes that can cause the nerves cells not to make enough brain chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, GABA, glutamate) to maintain normal brain health and wellness. These minor genetic defects are called polymorphisms.  MTHFR SNP is the most common one.  Hard to believe, but as many as 60 percent of the whole US population has them to one degree or another.  And clinical studies have demonstrated that 80 percent +/- of people with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, and addiction are afflicted as well, and is thought to be a major cause in their disease processes. No matter how healthy of a lifestyle you live, it’s like you are only operating on four to six cylinders of an eight-cylinder engine if you have this.  You just can’t go.  These polymorphisms inhibit your ability to have normal brain health and wellness.

“So, how can we fix this?”

We at JayMac Pharmaceuticals have devoted ourselves, for the last eight years, to identifying the polymorphisms that affect brain health and developing the natural bioactive coenzymes and cofactors in the right amounts and combinations to completely nullify the negative effects of these genetic defects. This helps to normalize and balance brain chemical production in all nerve cells.  In effect, we can now treat the root biochemical causes to insure normal brain health and total wellness.  We have tested our products in large clinical trials and published in major peer reviewed journals, and they have demonstrated effectiveness in treating depression and anxiety and generally restoring brain chemical normalcy based on quantitative lab value evaluations. If you are living a healthy lifestyle and you still don’t feel well, this could be the reason. Call our brain health experts at (985) 629-5742 for more information on how our products, EnLyte, EnBrace HR, EnLyte D, ENL, EnBrace HR MF, or LUMA, can help you have the potential for full brain health and wellness.

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01 Jul 2019

By Towny Robinson