From the first time I bought my first born a toy, a dinging sound went off in my brain and my mind shouted, “This is fun! This will never get old!” Well, yes it will get old because it will pile up. It’s much easier to clean a small amount of toys than a huge amount. Do not get me wrong though, I LOVE BUYING TOYS! I get to buy them all kinds of cool stuff! But since having THREE children, it’s gotten out of hand. From birthdays to Christmas to them going to the bathroom for the first time (because you must reward that somehow,) it’s been nuts. They should be rewarded of course, but they don’t need half of what they have. You don’t need one of each Barbie! Ha. 

When those events do come around, it’s completely normal to navigate towards the toy area. What’s new with PJ Masks? How’s Barbie doing? He doesn’t have that airplane! These are the things I think about when going shopping for toys for birthdays. I ask them what they want, too, and of course, it’s a billion things. So today, I got up. Pjs still on, bare face, and a trash bag in hand...ready to go and make some good toy-purging decisions. This past Christmas, I got the one thing they each really wanted. Since then, I have purged. I purged before those parties and holidays, too. When purging, a lot of questions go through your mind...

“How much was this when I bought it?”
“Will they remember if it’s gone?”
“Does it make them happy?”
“How often do they play with it anyway?”

Find cool ways to display their favorite things!
My daughters room.
My son’s room.


I don’t ever want to make my kids cry or feel sad or mad, but if it’s not played with, then another kid would love it, I’m sure! If it’s cluttering up your home, get rid of it. If it’s just one more thing you must pick up, get rid of it. I’m ruthless! 

There are some things you can do with the toys, too. Throw away, donate or sell. I don’t sell many things because my kids ruin them with crayons or pens, etc. I try to give them away or donate. Throwing toys away only really happens when it’s broken beyond fixing. (Or just a dumb toy from a candy machine. Shhh, you’re thinking about it too. It’s true.) 

This also applies when purging things other than toys. Like your stuff or your husbands’ stuff, if he’s on board. (CDs, clothes, little trinkets, etc.) Keeping your pantry organized and fridge also helps a ton. I have a huge problem with wrappers, spilt juice and loose cheeseballs everywhere. Some of my favorite containers and jars come from Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, and TJ MAXX. You don’t have to spend a fortune on containers.

Above, you see glass containers holding some goodies. My mom got most of these things at Walmart and Dollar Tree. Very affordable. Below, you see inserts from Dollar Tree so my kids could get drinks a little easier.


Questions you can ask yourself beforehand:
“Does this add value to my life?”
“Do I use this every day or often?”
“Do I love it?”

Look, you’ve spent the money on the thing. If it was a $30 pillow, I understand the contemplating you’ll do when deciding on throwing it out or selling it. If it’s in good condition, then do sell it. If not, can you donate it? Can you give it to a family member? Plenty of people need pillows. Purging can be super hard for adults, but it’s so freeing! I understand if a four-year-old can’t, but one thing I always say is that someone else needs this and you’ll be getting more things for Christmas and your birthday! Those two things usually do the trick. If not, I just take when they aren’t looking. (Wink, wink) Isn’t being a grown-up fun???

Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high and they have been for a while. Clutter plays a huge role in anxiety. I know for me, if there is too much stuff, useless stuff, I start to get anxious. I can’t help it. Clutter over stimulates our system. It makes it more difficult to relax, and the piles of stuff cause anxiety. We let it all build up and we don’t know where to go from there. Your mental health is very important and too much stuff can make it worse. I love to purge toys once a month (little trinkets here and there). I also like to go through my clothes and shoes and see what all I need to get rid of. Clutter is a multitude of things. From too many toiletries under your bathroom sink to messy kitchen drawers. I took a week and dedicated it to every drawer, cabinet and closet. I got rid of things I didn’t need or even use. Our garage was overwhelmed with clutter because it’s so easy to drop things in there. When I get rid of stuff, there is a relief that comes over me. I feel calmer, as if I can get my life back to normal because nothing is in my way. I don’t know about you, but I think clutter is just plain evil. It will happen and build up, but if you purge often and get rid of things often, it'll be easy to control.

Sometimes you can use random things around your house instead of buying containers or inserts. I used my Pioneer Woman measuring cups for tacks, etc.
I decided to clean up my house and purge and make my room a sanctuary for when stress comes from the clutter. You should make a stress free space for yourself, too!


So, I am not a professional, but I know a few. If you read this and you would love to get out that scented garbage bag and start getting rid of things, then google some awesome videos on how to do so. Or, visit one amazing lady, Alyssa Trosclair from Centsibly Organized. Check it out on Facebook here: facebook.com/centsiblyorganized.

I got some stuff done today, guys. Toys were purged, rooms were cleaned and back to normal with organization. Bad news? It’ll be messy again tomorrow. Good news? Some things never change!

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24 Jan 2020

By Marissa Rasch