Restore Thinning Hair with Biotin

Thinning hair doesn’t have to be the norm for you. Hair “thinning” is actually hair loss. It’s important to know why your hair is falling out and what you can do to address the problem, but boosting your diet by adding foods with biotin, iodine, iron and selenium can help, too. Before you get overwhelmed with all of the supplements available out there, consider adding foods to your diet that will supply you with what you need to grow and keep more hair on your head instead of on your brush.

There are several reasons why you might be losing hair. The list includes chronic stress, over styling/coloring, thyroid issues, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic alopecia. Taking a few natural steps to help your body and scalp can mean the difference between a full head of hair and a shower drain full of hair.

Biotin is a B vitamin that is needed for healthy skin and hair. People with biotin deficiencies will lose hair and notice dry, scaly skin. Filling your plate with biotin-rich foods is the best way to supplement yourself to help prevent or treat a biotin deficiency. Chicken liver tops the “foods with the most biotin” charts—though any liver will supply abundant biotin. Vegan or vegetarian? Not to worry. You can also find biotin in avocados and egg yolks. Luckily, biotin is stable, meaning you can cook away without the fear of losing any biotin in the process. Biotin supplements are widely available as well, but why not add some biotin to your plate?

If your thyroid needs a little help, look to selenium and iodine—these two are friends to the thyroid gland and are essential to its functions. Foods rich in selenium include biotin-rich liver and eggs as well as brazil nuts, sardines, shrimp and tuna. We’re diving right back into the sea for iodine. Seaweed supplies the highest levels of iodine we can consume, right next to cod and some yogurts. Many foods are enriched with iodine, too.


Legumes, dark leafy greens, and spirulina will carry iron safely through your GI tract. Make a salad, throw plenty of colorful veggies in it and top it off with some shrimp or black beans. A healthy diet for thicker hair.

After you’ve had your fill of healthy meals, try having a mini spa day at home with a luxurious scalp massage. Stimulating your scalp with a massage helps hair grow by increasing blood flow to hair follicles. Use this time to get creative and relax. Light some candles, use fragrant oils for your massage and sip a cup of chamomile tea. Stress management and relaxation exercises will help your hair grow by allowing your “rest and digest” response do some regenerative work. Make self-care a priority and you’ll likely notice less hairs abandoning your head. 

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24 Jan 2020

By Kristy Podruchny